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Current Currency Market: #EcoFi(#ECO) price: $3.020, -0.00% down
#链情: #EcoFi(#ECO) 价格: $3.020, 下跌0.00%


EcoFi(ECO) current price is $3.020 with a market cap of $ 70,140,700. Its price is -0.00% down in last 24 hours.
EcoFi(ECO)当前价格为$3.020, 市值$ 70,140,700 其价格在过去24小时内下跌-0.00%。


tags: Current Currency Market, Mars Soon, Satoshi Go, Market Cap, Trend, EcoFi, ECO
区块链, 数字货币, 行情, 聪购, 链情, Current Currency Market, Mars Soon, Satoshi Go, , EcoFi, ECO
Market Cap
$ 70,140,700
Volume 24h
$ 0
Total Supply
EcoFi is an open-source, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocol built to power safe and responsible innovation in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The EcoFi protocol is designed to equitably disburse value among system participants through a unique infrastructure hinging on infinite scarcity, made possible due to the unique mechanics of EcoFi's distribution mechanism. This is achieved by staking ECO tokens through the EcoFi protocol to mint SPRT tokens. SPRT tokens can be used to purchase digital goods from an ecosystem connected to the EcoFI Platform comprising numerous marketplaces. The first such marketplace will be the HyperObject FINE ART NFT Gallery, a one-of-a-kind digital art gallery featuring FINE ART NFTs backed by distinct physical editions. Once the marketplace is sufficiently stable, EcoFi will transition to a DAO governance model.
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