Polymath Network

13.06 %
Change 24h
Current Currency Market: #Polymath Network(#POLY) price: $0.3447, -13.06% down
#链情: #Polymath Network(#POLY) 价格: $0.3447, 下跌13.06%


Polymath Network(POLY) current price is $0.3447 with a market cap of $ 287,014,000. Its price is -13.06% down in last 24 hours.
Polymath Network(POLY)当前价格为$0.3447, 市值$ 287,014,000 其价格在过去24小时内下跌-13.06%。


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January 31, 2018
Market Cap
$ 287,014,000
Volume 24h
$ 9,428,260
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
Polymath simplifies the legal process of creating and selling security tokens. It makes a new token standard, the ST20, and enforces government compliance. Only a “list of authorized investors and their Ethereum wallet addresses” can hold ST20 tokens. Therefore, token issuers don’t need to worry about the legal implications of your security falling into the wrong hands. In order to launch a legally compliant token, the Polymath platform brings together issuers, legal delegates, smart contract developers, KYC verification, and a decentralized exchange. All transactions on the Polymath platform take place using the native POLY token. Polymath has programmable equity. Polymath enables companies to take control of their equity issuance through programmable code. It is raising in cryptocurrency opens up an entire wealth of new investors. Polymath eliminates the middleman and financial structures that hinder the deployment of equity. There is a trove of wealth that is untouched by Wall Street that can now be accessed through Polymath. In 2017, Polymath raised over $1.2 billion in funding by selling utility tokens and security tokens. Utility tokens, such as Waltonchain, give you access to a token’s network and are far more common than security tokens. Security tokens, however, provide equity or a claim to dividends from a company. As a result, security tokens, like any securities, are subject to government regulation. Polymath’s new standard for blockchain security tokens aims to embed the necessary regulatory requirements into smart contracts and comply entirely with government security regulations. A wide array of security tokens that will be listed on Polymath at some point will require investors to be accredited, or to be from specific countries.
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