12.89 %
Change 24h
Current Currency Market: #XMax(#XMX) price: $0.0006173, -12.89% down
#链情: #XMax(#XMX) 价格: $0.0006173, 下跌12.89%


XMax(XMX) current price is $0.0006173 with a market cap of $ 16,785,500. Its price is -12.89% down in last 24 hours.
XMax(XMX)当前价格为$0.0006173, 市值$ 16,785,500 其价格在过去24小时内下跌-12.89%。


tags: Current Currency Market, Mars Soon, Satoshi Go, Market Cap, Trend, XMax, XMX
区块链, 数字货币, 行情, 聪购, 链情, Current Currency Market, Mars Soon, Satoshi Go, , XMax, XMX
Market Cap
$ 16,785,500
Volume 24h
$ 1,964,040
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
XMax is an all-in-one development ecosystem which makes it easier for entertainment industry developers to create DAPPs. We believe in the future of blockchain technology and know that by providing developers with a set of easy to use tools and the knowledge to use them we can share blockchain applications with a global user base. XMax is a blockchain and developer ecosystem for building decentralized games and entertainment DAPPs. Our blockchain supports game developers with a high TPS mainchain and integrated sidechains for transaction-intensive DAPPs. XMax Includes: Game & Entertainment DAPP SDK, APIs, Smart Contract and DAPP Templates, 3D Game Engine, Developer Docs & Education. With XMax developers can program complex DAPPs (Blockchain APPs) using WebX.js, a JavaScript type language which our team created to simplify blockchain programming. With WebX.js developers can focus more on creating great applications and less on blockchain infrastructure. Once a DAPP has been created, users will be able to easily download it from the XMX APP Store. We make this experience as simple as opening your phone. XMax is a decentralized ecosystem which allows DAPP developers to involve users in the design process and via Asset Tokens crowdfund the development of their projects. We believe the future of blockchain technology belongs to developers and users.
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