Zero Collateral Dai

3.30 %
Change 24h
Current Currency Market: #Zero Collateral Dai(#ZAI) price: $0.0009857, -3.30% down
#链情: #Zero Collateral Dai(#ZAI) 价格: $0.0009857, 下跌3.30%


Zero Collateral Dai(ZAI) current price is $0.0009857 with a market cap of $ 73,529,900. Its price is -3.30% down in last 24 hours.
Zero Collateral Dai(ZAI)当前价格为$0.0009857, 市值$ 73,529,900 其价格在过去24小时内下跌-3.30%。


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区块链, 数字货币, 行情, 聪购, 链情, Current Currency Market, Mars Soon, Satoshi Go, , Zero Collateral Dai, ZAI
Market Cap
$ 73,529,900
Volume 24h
$ 559.36
Zero Collateral Dai (ZAI) is a hybrid synthetic-algorithmic stablecoin, using a self-stabilizing elastic supply mechanism. Zai is not backed by collateral or reliant on centralized custodians, avoiding regulatory and censorship risk.
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